вторник, 30 марта 2010 г.


!Automystic mixes feelings on AERO Weekly Session at Minibar!

!atmospheric phenomena of bass-driven music!

Next part of AERO weekly sessions.We will continue to deepen into fundamental aeronautics! This evening warm spring, healthy humour, bass, that you can touch, just a bit of grime, futuristic video-allusions will occure. And by no means, the fresh sounds of London suburbs!

uk funky, future garage, funkstep, sub scapes

Knot a DJ

Start 19.30
Entrns free!

!Special - Dandy contests!

!teasty bar action - 3 vodka+sprite shots 100 rub!

Maroseika, 8, entanse courtyard


Hello there! We are the AERO!
We are the Russian based dj's, producers and artists.
We make AERO weekly session at Minibar in Moscow.
We preach offbeat, interesting, and a new sound - the atmospheric side of the bass music, music for the mind and dances, music, fantasy and dreams.
AERO blog - here you will find information about weekly parties AERO @ Minibar, aeronautical podcasts, links to interesting artists, our thoughts and feelings!
Be with us!